bridgechecker-114.png BridgeChecker

BridgeChecker is a Windows and Mac OS utility that can automatically disable/enable wireless interfaces on network devices. This reduces security risks and resolves dual interface routing issues.


Windows | Mac OS


wifiperf professional WiFiPerf Professional

WiFiPerf Professional is a bandwidth performance measurement app for Mac OS. It can operate as a testing client that connects to different testing servers.



 Free 14 Day Trial - WiFiPerf Professional for Mac OS


How to Buy

Purchase the app from the app stores, or, if you require a custom quote, please send an email with app name and desired quantity to:

[email protected]

To purchase BridgeChecker Licenses or WiFiPerf Professional, visit:

wfscan-114.png WiFi Scanner

WiFi Scanner is a all-in-one WiFi network troubleshooter that scans and graphs available networks, tests connection speeds, and scans for individuals on a network.


Windows | Mac OS


optifi-agent-icon Optifi Agent

Optifi is an app that lets you monitor your WiFi connection. Optifi gives you instant information about your Internet speed, making it easier for you to identify and fix slow spots.



Free 14 Day Trial - Optifi for Windows


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