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Simplifying WiFi With Over 100 Years’ Wireless Experience

We’re not your typical startup. Our leadership team has over 100 years’ combined networking experience, leading teams and solving problems for everyone from mid-market enterprises to the Fortune 150.

Our Mission & Vision

We are the leaders in AI-Driven WiFi automation, leveraging AI technology to end the time-consuming, manual process of network optimization; restoring time, money, and energy to IT teams and their companies. We proactively support the continuous evolution of technology, transforming day-to-day IT operations with AI-Driven automation to deliver business continuity for the mobile enterprise.

company culture

How We Work

In the fast-paced world of technological changes, there’s no time for slowing down. We’re driven to provide the best solutions possible as soon as possible, and that requires focus, innovation and a highly responsive culture.

To make it happen, we prioritize true teamwork: working together and supporting each other on every project.

Core Values

What we believe makes us who we are

Core values. Guiding principles. Words to live by. No matter what you call them, these values serve as the foundation of who we are and determine how we act.


First and foremost, we actively listen to our customers. We are building trust and best-in-class support every time we interact with a customer, and that means that listening is always followed by responding. If we can update the product to better fit customer needs, we do it.


An integral part of our mission as a technology leader is pushing the envelope to ease IT’s workload and support business continuity. We have been the first-to-market with a majority of our features and build innovation into the way we run our company and the way we design and refine our products.


Here, everybody helps and supports each other. We are building teams within our company, with our customers, and with all third parties, collaborating together to build solutions for every industry.


Integrity extends from our team to our product. Our people are trustworthy, committed, and honest - people we are proud to have around us. The quality of our products are the foundation of our business - we only put the Wyebot name on products that we can whole-heartedly, honestly say will make a life-changing difference for our customers.


Network ecosystems are complex, but optimizing them doesn’t have to be. We simplify the process so that IT is automatically, proactively given everything they need, and nothing that they don’t. Optimization becomes standard and future-proofed, and headaches and mysteries are eliminated.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We don’t limit the definition of “best”

We are transforming IT operations for companies around the world, and that innovation is only possible because we focus on new approaches, great ideas, and welcoming anyone who shares our goal. If you believe in simplifying the world’s technology problems with automation, we want you on board, no matter your race, age, gender, or religion.


Excel in the present. Optimize for the future. Join us today.

Our award-winning, first-to-market, innovative product is changing people’s lives, and we have much more planned. We’re growing our team so that we can bring AI-Driven automation to every IT process on the planet. Are you in?

Our Leadership Team

Bringing Game-Changing Solutions to Network Ecosystems Around the World

Our leadership team has solved problems for some of the world’s largest tech brands, including Hewlett-Packard, Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs, Motorola, and USRobotics - and now they’re changing WiFi network operations for the better.

Advisors & Investors

Paul Nikolich

Paul Nikolich

Matt Rhodes-Kropf PhD

Matt Rhodes-Kropf PhD

Deepak Verma

Deepak Verma

Restoring time and money to every industry
Ready to see how the Wireless Intelligence Platform can put an end to your WiFi worries? We help: Education, Manufacturing & Warehousing, Enterprise, MSPs, and Healthcare.
Ready to see how the Wireless Intelligence Platform can put an end to your WiFi worries? We help: Education, Manufacturing & Warehousing, Enterprise, MSPs, and Healthcare.